Street of Houses

Take a stroll down the Street of Houses at the Home Show, featuring some of Australia’s best alternative and small homes.

Influenced by the Tiny House movement taking Australia by storm, the Street of Houses will showcase some of the latest custom mini-homes on the market. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective new home, looking to reduce your carbon footprint, tight on space or simply on the search for a simpler life, a stroll down the street is sure to inspire.

The area will be landscaped to give the street a real life feel. Visitors will have space to explore, learn about tiny homes and get to speak to experts face to face about their products.

Meet the residents:


No. L38 'Live a Little' Street

A mini tiny model which has all the benefits of a deluxe model scaled down to a 3.6m x 2.45m with everything you need to live comfortably. Double sized loft bedroom with full height for movability, kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and inbuilt seating. Towable by any 4WD vehicle, and perfect for extra living space in urban backyards, this model is sure to please city dwellers and country folk alike.


No. L38 'Live a Little' Street

A deluxe 7.2m x 3.0m tiny home with ground floor queen-sized bedroom and ensuite, full kitchen and large storage area. The loft space can function as another queen sized bedroom, home office or studio retreat. The greatest feature of all of our tiny home models is the full height upstairs. Nowhere else can you stand upright! No crawling into bed, or having to manouvre mattresses to make the bed, our homes have space right around the bed to move freely.


No. P36 'Live a Little' Street

A charming 8.4x2.45 tiny house where you can experience all the functionality of a standard home. The spacious loft space hosts one double sized king bed and one single bed. It is then sectioned off with sliding door robes and leads to a cosy home office. Downstairs has a luxury kitchenette, deluxe bathroom and a designated dining area. Feel connected to the outside world with 11 double glazed windows and two doors to enter and exit.

Sicilia Panorama Cabin - CUSTOM CREATIONS

No. M40 'Live a Little' Street

The Sicilia Panorama 30m2 (8.2m x 3.8m) is a beautiful 1 bedroom cabin that comes from our range of high-quality Scandinavian Kit Homes. It is ideal for a granny flat, home office, or even an entertaining space due to the open plan design. Packed with features such as full-length, panoramic double-glazed windows and doors, Colorbond roof, Modwood desk, bathroom, kitchenette and a seperate room for a bedroom or storage. Constructed in solid sustainable sourced timbers, this eco-friendly cabin can be installed in 4 days.


'Live a Little' Streetscape

Bringing green to 'Live a Little Street'.

An instant lawn from Bondi Grass, is the most realistic synthetic lawn there is!


'Live a Little' Streetscape

Because every landscaping project could use some steel garden edging!

FormBoss® steel garden edging system is manufactured in Melbourne from high quality Australian BlueScope steel.


'Live a Little' Streetscape

What is a street without trees?

Introduce an element of prehistoric drama to your landscape, with these Grass Trees that embody the spirit of the Australian bush!


'Live a Little' Streetscape

We LOVE greenery!

Plantworld are suppliers of trees, shrubs and groundcovers.

They grow and source plants from many reputable growers and offer this service direct to the public.