Vergola (NSW)

Vergola NSW PL is an Australian owned manufacturing company that has been at the forefront of the Operable Louvred Roof industry since 1988.
The World's first complete Operable Louvred Roof, the Vergola System attributes its unmatched performance to the simple and elegant design of its Louvre. The dual skin aerofoil shape constructed from Colorbond® steel, provides strength and durability while offering insulation from heat and therefore reducing thermal radiation. The result is a protected area below, much cooler than you could achieve with other solid extruded systems.

Vergola’s Operable Louvred Roof can provide a cool, comfortable and stylish solution in any residential environment. Controlling ventilation, natural light and insulation from heat is vital in creating a comfortable atmosphere. Vergola provides a range of benefits which other roof systems and roofing methods simply cannot match.
The Vergola Systems versatility and functionality makes it increasingly hard to ignore when it comes to designing attractive, functional and protected outdoor environments.
Vergola NSW PL prides itself on its experience and expertise in assisting designers when creating outdoor dining areas, children's play areas, protection for sun affected areas, privacy screens, noise restricted areas, smoking areas and corporate outdoor areas.

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