Valiryo Body Dryer

The Valiryo Body Dryer is a new and innovative body drying device that revolutionizes the way we dry ourselves. Manufactured in Spain, and backed by its state-of-the-art European design and technology, the unit is completely water resistant and can be installed directly inside the shower cabin. Valiryo reduces the use of towels to a minimum with its hands-free, skin-friendly, antibacterial, and soothingly effective warm air stream. It provides the user with an effortless, relaxing after shower experience for both body and mind.
You can adjust the temperature and speed to suit your comfort.

Valiryo is ideal for private homes, hotels, resorts, gyms, spas, health and wellness centres, aged care, people with assistive needs, retirement villages and work places. The sleek and stylish design will compliment any bathroom.
It is also very hygienic and energy efficient, saving on power and water usage from constantly washing and drying towels. Its antimicrobial silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria in the unit. Healthy for the user and our environment.

Award winner in the KBB (Kitchen and Bathroom Business) Product innovator Awards for 2019.
Come and visit our stand and try it for yourself. The warm air massage is truly a blissful experience.

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