Tankless Pty Ltd

TANKLESS® rainwater catchment and storage system is out of sight and out of mind until you want a plentiful supply to water your lawns, plants and garden, flush your toilets or even to wash your car or boat.

TANKLESS® design utilises a shallow underground cavity to collect roof and surface rainwater and can be connected to your storm water system to capture every single drop, including surface rainwater falling on paved and other areas. It is illustrated in the Western Sydney University developed Cooling the Commons Pattern Deck-Manage on Site Water.

TANKLESS® is inconspicuous and flexible in design, allowing the most to be made of above ground space in a way which best suits individual needs. But what differentiates TANKLESS® from other underground solutions on the market is its innovative design.

Suitable for both residential and commercial installation, TANKLESS® Underground Rainwater Storage can collect and store from 2,200 to 100,000+ litres.

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