Recycled Building Centre

We provide the best quality paving grade and feature wall Recycled Bricks in Australia with the Recycled Building Centre at Croydon and also Cheap As Bricks at Granville.

We are a customer focused business with the end goal of supplying the best quality recycled bricks available in the market. Our quality control ensures that on a pallet on 500 bricks you should have no wastage. Whatever you see on the top and sides of one of our pallets is a true representation of all the bricks in the pallet.

Once we start palleting your bricks we will supply photos via text to ensure we have met the scope of your project, reference the link attached below.

We are the go to supplier for architects, builders, landscapers and brick suppliers.

Bricks are $1.32 each and delivery is $154 per thousand in Sydney metro. Transport available Australia wide. (Minimum delivery charge is $154)
$1.10 inc gst for orders over 10,000 bricks.

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