Reclaim Energy

The Reclaim Energy name may be new to the Heat Pump Hot water scene but the team have been involved in hot water design, manufacture, installation and service for over 15 years in Australia. We know and understand hot water.
Reclaim have a vast network of installers, re sellers and service capabilities Nation wide to support our customer before and after the sale of our systems.
The engineering and development team have worked for over 2 years developing the Reclaim Energy "Transcritical" Co2 Hot Water Heat Pump. Many features have been specifically designed to operate faultlesly in all conditions. Our unit has a long history in Japan with its Japanese varient being sold in there since the introduction of Co2 as a refrigerant for air to water heating back in 2001.
I am so happy to introduce to your us as Reclaim Energy along with our new introduction to the Australian hot water market the Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump.

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