Magnetite (Australia)

Magnetite specialises in providing acoustic and thermal insulation for your existing windows and doors. We have been operating in Sydney and the greater area for more than 20 years offering a range of solution for insulating existing windows and doors such as Magnetite - retrofit double glazing, Soundtite – secondary window and door system, Solartite – high-performance solar films and Sealtite – acoustic and weatherproofing seals.
Our secondary glazing systems are installed on the inside of existing window sill, creating an air cavity, the essence of double glazing. For noise reduction, the larger air cavity associated with the secondary glazing system can deliver up to 70% noise reduction through your existing window. Similarly, a 70% boost in energy efficiency can be achieved by insulating the entire window, glazing and frames for a dramatic improvement in thermal comfort.
Visit us at the HIA Home Show 2020 and experience how we can provide you with the solution for comfortable living. You will also be able to hear and feel the benefits of Magnetite retrofit glazing solutions from our sensor display. Also, our experts will be at the Stand K40 to answer any questions you have.

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