MAD Design Australia

MAD Design is a comprehensive collection of fire, heating, and concrete furniture solutions, whose brands include EcoSmart Fire (ethanol Fireplaces), HEATSCOPE®  Heaters (electric radiant heaters), and Blinde Design furniture and accessories.

EcoSmart Fire
EcoSmart Fire was launched onto the global stage in 2004 and there have been thousands of installations in residential and commercial properties across 75+ countries. EcoSmart Fire has also played a pivotal role in spearheading the creation of global standards and testing platforms for this ground-breaking wave of ethanol-fuelled fireplaces. Safety is infused into every aspect of EcoSmart Fire’s process, from the quality of research and development, to the operational system and built-in safety features. No other manufacturer has a collection so comprehensively tested and listed by third-party laboratories to safety standards.

HEATSCOPE is a world leader in energy efficient electric radiant heaters, a well known brand that is recognised by its superior performance, style, and reliability. HEATSCOPE Heaters are manufactured in Germany with meticulous attention to detail including infrared technology. The result is a world class appliance that delivers maximum instant heat with minimum light for outdoor and indoor spaces using individual controlled carbon elements.

Blinde Design
Timeless, authentic, adaptable, transeasonal – Blinde is a versatile concrete furniture range that combines slick silhouettes with lightweight custom construction. The collection of functional and statement pieces range from tables to planters, and also collaborates with original design and equipment manufacturers to produce bespoke pieces.

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