Haven Advocates

At Haven Advocates we are all about protecting and empowering homeowners to make the whole building process fair, efficient and cost effective.

We don’t work for architects, we don’t work for builders…. we work for you!

Someone on your side, every step of the way to ensure your interests (and your wallet) are put first.

Throughout this journey, you are spending 100’s of thousands of dollars. You wallet is out on the table and everyone knows it is there and their job is get as much of that wallet as possible. At Haven Advocates, we represent you to ensure that you, the homeowner is put first…Every time.

“After more than 2 decades of working with frustrated homeowners and builders and seeing so much of their time and money wasted, I knew there had to be a better way. We improve the process for both builders and homeowners resulting in genuine cost savings and better outcomes.”

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