Grey Water Bins

Grey water Solutions is building awareness for everyone to be more proactive about recycling your grey water.
Sydney water refers this as manual bucketing: Our Grey Water Bin (GWB) Takes away the pain of carting heavy water from point A to Point B. GBW helps you transport your grey water from your bathroom,shower and laundry area to your garden and lawn keeping it green in all water restriction levels.

Our GWB in very easy to use.

You don't need to move your bin just attach your hose fittings to the bin and let the battery operated pump do all the hard work. Your sprinkler system will work well as our filters are attached to block our hair and unwanted lint.

There are options to have extra fittings to your bin. A base plate that gives your bins front wheels for you to move your bin to those hard to get to places and just connect a small 2 metre hose and water the nature strip.

You can save money if you already have the batteries,charges and your own bin.
Just speak with our team or send us and email and we will be happy to help.

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