Flo Glas Aus

FLO Glas is a new Australian designed and manufactered glazed Pool fence and Balustrade system.

They say "necessity is the mother of invention"

If you are like us....Tired of looking at your pool / view through usually dirty, breeze cancelling glass and thinking surely there is something better.. Thanks to Designer Maurer Somerville and Young a solution has been provided....To say we are happy with the result is an understatement.

FLO Glas just works on so many levels.
Immensely strong - Children cant climb it and due to its visual presence, they don't accidentally run in to it. If by chance contact is made, all glass edges have arrised edges which ensures no harm is done.
Cleaning - Greatly reduced due its edge on nature. Splashes tend to go through rather than on, and even when it has a few marks, they generally cant be seen.
Shall we mention airflow. Australians love a breeze and FLO Glas delivers - even when seated

FLO Glas has supply and install re-sellers in all major Eastern cities

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