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The Bullet shower mixer considers the needs of an entire community, from families with young children or elderly relatives to carers responsible for the welfare of people with specific health concerns, its revolutionary design allows users to turn on and adjust the temperature from outside the shower.

Say goodbye to bulky, wall-mounted tap-ware - the Bullet’s sleek design features door-mounted dual control levers, either of which can be easily removed if required, along with a series of raised marker nodes to assist the vision impaired, ensuring that while carers stay dry, all users can safely regulate the temperature from either side of the shower stall.

Built to the highest standards of quality and durability, with a ten-year manufacturers warranty*, the stylish Bullet unit combines function with form, setting a new standard in practical, convenient and easy to operate tap-ware for the lifetime of your family.

Come check it out at the Sydney Autumn Home Show!

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