Are you looking for a BBQ and cooking experience that is New, Better, and Different than your traditional BBQ? Then CROSSRAY is the answer.

With Award-Winning, World-Class Design and Innovation, the CROSSRAY infra-red cooking technology provides juicier and better-tasting food, and so easy. With a wide range of gas & electric options available, there is a perfect solution for you. The CROSSRAY® is the only BBQ that can provide controllable even heat from 110°C to nearly 400°C, amazingly using 50 percent less gas to achieve these industry-leading temperatures.
This intense heat allows the CROSSRAY to redefine the outdoor gas BBQ and imitate perfectly the traditional way of cooking over a bed of red-hot coals.

The additional options of being used as a normal oven, pizza oven, long-slow smoking oven, conventional grill, and a traditional wood-fired stove make the CROSSRAY the true definition of a multi-functional outdoor cooking appliance.

And it is so simple to use – anybody can produce professional-quality cooking with CROSSRAY.

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