KPVE PTY LTD is an Australian owned company with 'feel good' products from all over the world. Our products are not "me too products"

Our brands Econo-Cool, 2bwarm Acorn Tarding and Xarti are lifestyle products Our Econo-Cool brand features two cooling fans. The mist fan with solar panel and the Piccolo fan. Both models with rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Xarti, greek word for paper, creates excitement without compromise. Our Xarti 'no touch' hand wash and hand sanitiser dispensers add value, safety, peace of mind and style to your everyday needs.

Xarti paper folding lamp with remote control brings a fabulous ambience to your home. Create over 5 different shapes with the continuous folding ability. Our folding lamp is truly unique.

Pet Feeder by KPVE. A must for every working household who has a family pet. With WIFI connectivity with both voice and video functions, you can remotely feed your pet, watch over it and chat to them.

2bwarm room heater with WIFI and remote access. The 2bwarm heater has a 500/1000watt heat setting. Stylish Glass design with feet or the heater can be wall mounted. Ideal for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

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