Ambient Relaxation Lounge

Sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee in soft luxury

Ambient Relaxation Lounge brings you the ultimate recharge space. Placed in the top corner of the show this is your time to sit back, rest your tired feet and soak in all you have seen!


Bring a beverage to the Ambient Relaxation Lounge so you can recharge with for the rest of the show.

More about Ambient Lounge

Live in Soft Luxury…

Since 2005, the Aussie-led Ambient Lounge® group have been breaking through preconceptions and transforming the humble (and maligned) bean bag into inspiring soft furniture objects of desire.

Ambient Lounge® design creative, lightweight and structured lounge solutions for next-level comfort so you can level up your living room and home cinema. They also create outdoor options so you can elevate your lifestyle, including poolside/spa, patio, balcony, landscape garden and more.

Explore their beautiful range here.

The Ambient Relaxation Lounge will feature the bestselling Butterfly Sofa and Evolution seat.

Butterfly Sofas are structured with elastics and easy to get in and out of for all ages. The high back support is ideal for enjoying your daily coffee, watching TV or socialising with friends.

The Evolution Seat is the perfect combination of back support and luxurious recline. Coming in a range of colours, the evolution is a catalyst to peace and wellbeing.

Ambient Lounge® are also providing Versa Tables. These stylish coffee tables are designed for sharing drinks and snacks while lounging AND they are easy to clean!